Quick post to list some of the things we been doing on the different activities of the project.

On the hardware front we been testing and integrating:

  • Two different versions of WIFI ESP8266 module.
  • New Kinect camera
  • MMA8652 accelarometer sensors
  • Tests with LED strips: LDU2430S700 and LXMLPWN1
  • Power supply tests
  • Prototyping control systems with Jnior
  • Acoustic tests with certain sound amplifiers and sound monitors

On the software we been doing:

  • Advances on tests with systems of agents and smart objects
  • Interactive 3D space simulation agents with complex behaviors
  • Weather API for Unity
  • Shared memory test between Unity, Resolume and MAX/MSP
  • Blob tracking with Kinect depth sensing using Bonsai
  • Watchdog development

On the making:

  • Researh on new construction materials for equipment boxes
  • Prototypes of equipment boxes (considering ventilation, isolation, weight)
  • Tests with multicolor crystals as textures on robotic shells
  • Updates to list of suppliers
  • New reflow technics
  • Cutting with tupia

Considering the pilots:

  • PLUNC festival participation
  • Developments on Einstein
  • Developments on Unity3D
  • Developments on Assisted Performenr
  • Planning of new artistic residence

Regarding dissemination:

  • Creation of this website
  • Creation of the ongoing video log series
  • Active participation on social media (facebook, twitter, instagram)
  • Participation in different events