Kickoff meeting of the project. We go through what was originally submitted, assigning a resposible person to each section, listing tasks and deadlines and figuring out how well are we already following what was originally planned.

The delay from P2020 in giving us an answer within the expected time forced the company to refocus on other projects, so we now had to re-assess what needs to be done and who needs to be re-assigned to accomplish it on time with the deadlines originally listed.

It’s a hard process, especially for a PME company where resources are scarced and always already assigned. We needed a few more meetings to agree on a working plan and start getting the project on track again.

Macro responsibilities are divided into big groups:

  • André Almeida is responsible for the software development.
  • Bruno Serras is responsible for the hardware development.
  • Guilherme Martins is responsible for the making development.
  • Filipe Cruz is responsible for the pilots.
  • Mónica Pedro is responsible for communication and technical managment.

Granularity of smaller tasks are divided between the team.

New recruitments are discussed and we schedule weekly project meetings to report how the project is advancing.